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Admission Services

At Brighter Education Group, we have streamlined Admissions Services into three well-defined channels: profile building, admissions consulting, university shortlisting, interview preparation and visa services.

Under the aegis of Brighter Education Group,the entire team operates to provide services for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions for careers in Law, Medicine, Business, Computer Science, Marketing, Finance, Psychology, MBA etc

At the same time, our portal GoToUniversity provides adequate information about the universities and programs.

Our Services

Profile Evaluation

We analyze your interests, skills, personal characteristics, and goals to judge your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant to identify gaps in your profile.

Ingenious Resume Building

We develop a customized roadmap to build your profile considering merits of your career goals. Profile building includes summer school programs, internships, doctor shadowing, extra-curricular and other activities

University Selection

We help you shortlist universities, programs, and countries considering your long term goals, and core strengths.

Standardized Tests

We advise you to take the right standardized tests, and English language proficiency test for the programs that you apply.

Essay Conceptualizing

Writing college essays is one of the crucial parts of your application. Our consultants will brainstorm with you to analyze and conceptualize the relevant experiences of your story to portray to the university.

Interview Prep

Our consultants will prepare you for the interviews through multiple mock interviews and feedback sessions.

Essay Reviewing

Our team of professional editors who are graduates from top universities will review and edit your essays to meet the university standards.

Recommendation Letter

We help you choose the right academic and non-academic recommenders based on your program requirements.
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