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The UAE is a land of opportunities where people from all nationalities and walks of life work together in harmony. A prospering country, UAE has a high literacy rate of 93 percent, with women accounting for 70 percent of university graduates. This, along with many other factors that we discuss below, are reasons enough to pursue a truly wonderful worldwide education experience in Dubai.

There are 13 universities in the UAE that are featured in the QS Arab Region Universities Ranking and four among them are situated in Dubai. Furthermore, the QS World University Rankings® 2021 includes eight universities from the UAE, including one local public university in Dubai. The standards of education here are high and the mode of teaching is truly global. A student completing his/her education from the UAE would find acceptance for further studies from all leading universities of the world.

Studying in IFG, UAE

IFG's new campus in Dubai provides students with a diverse selection of finance, legal, computer science, engineering, and medical courses, all of which enable students to accomplish their desire to study at renowned UK institutions at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Whether you are taking one of our foundation courses or pursuing a master's or Ph.D., we provide a knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere that assists students on an individualized level.

There’s good news for all the students of the United Kingdom and UAE: colleges and universities across these two nations have now reopened after the lockdown. We at International Foundation Group, are looking forward to welcoming new and brilliant minds to our campuses in London, Abu Dhabi, and our newest campus in Dubai.

Types of Programs in IFG, UAE

International Foundation Course in UAE offers programs that caters to the needs of students all around the world. Here is the list of programs available:

  • University Foundation Programs-
    1. University Foundation Programs in Business Management
    2. University Foundation Programs in Engineering
    3. University Foundation Programs in Social Sciences
    4. University Foundation Programs in Computer Science
    5. Medical Foundation Programs
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Management
  • Undergraduate Level Courses
  • Pre-Masters Programs
  • Pre-Doctoral Programs
  • English Language Programs
  • And, various other programs

Admission Requirements For IFG, UAE

Entry requirements for most foundation programs are basic:

  • 12 years of primary education completed from anywhere in the world
  • proof of studying certain subjects in your high school
  • basic language speaking skills

Cost Of Studying In IFG, UAE


Tuition fees
in AED

Tuition fees
in USD

University Foundation
Programmes in
Business Management
Social Sciences
(including Law
Politics Economics)
Engineering and
Computer Science



Medical Foundation



Pre-Masters in
Business Management



Pre-Masters in Law






Pre-DBA Programme



Teacher Development Programme



English Language


English for

8,000 for 8 weeks


11,500 for 12 weeks


Executive English

2,300 for 2 weeks


3,800 for 4 weeks


English Test



One to one

In-person: 220 per hour


Online: 150 per hour



1-4 weeks

5-8 weeks

9-12 weeks
12-30 weeks









UAE Student Visa Process

You will need to finish your Visa Application Form to the Student Recruitment Office along with:

  • Colour Passport copy with minimum 6 months’ validity.
  • 2 passport size photos with white background.
  • Receipt for visa and tuition fees
  • Copy of current visa, if you live in the UAE.
  • Copy of offer of admission letter, if you are a new student.
  • Payment receipt of student visa
  • Visa Maintenance charge of AED 2500.

UOWD student visas are issued for a duration of 1 year so students need to be prepared for multiple visa renewals, and proper medical/travel insurance in the UAE until they get the UOWD student visa. Once this is done, they should apply for an Emirates ID card.

Top Courses with IFG, UAE

  • University Foundation Programmes in Business Management, Social Sciences (including Law, Politics & Economics)
  • Engineering and Computer Science Programme
  • Medical Foundation Programme
  • Pre-Masters in Business Management
  • Pre-Masters in Law
  • Pre-PhD Preparation Programme
  • Pre-DBA Programme
  • Teacher Development Programme

Study in London, Abu Dhabi or Dubai

We are pleased that our institutions will be officially open in September. Our concern is the well-being of our students and employees, and we have implemented a variety of safety precautions to guarantee that our campuses provide a safe atmosphere for learning.

We pay attention to following scientific recommendations on measures like social distancing, the availability of hand sanitizer gel, and the thorough disinfection of all surfaces in our facilities. We are also engaging with student housing companies that are concerned about your health.

All Covid safeguards put in place last year will be maintained in order to create a safe atmosphere for students to learn while maintaining social distancing in educational institutions.

We will also strive to offer students the opportunity of learning in our online classes for part or all of their courses beginning in September. This has shown to be highly effective since last year, with students receiving the same outstanding level of marks as in previous years.

Study in our Virtual Classroom

We understand that during these times, some students may still want to learn with us online beginning in September. There's a solution for that as well,  all of our foundation, pre-masters, pre-PhD, and English language courses will continue to be taught in our virtual classroom. Then, in January, you can choose to resume your studies online or at one of our campuses.

Studying and living in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the fastest developing cities with arguably the most prominent working and studying crowd in the United Arab Emirates - UAE. Dubai currently has over 400 skyscrapers and is well-known for its smart structures and Arab architecture.

Working in Dubai, UAE

Expats in Dubai make up roughly 80% of the entire emirate’s population which gives the city the feel of a multicultural, yet traditional society with over 200 nationalities living side by side and creating a close-knit expatriate community and getting employment with global companies.

How We Help 

Our experienced consultants will guide you throughout your journey in pursuit of higher education and admissions into your dream universities/colleges. In specific but not limited to, following areas of assistance is provided by our consultants:

  • Complete Profile Evaluation
  • Guidance on curriculum and subject selection for high school (A levels, IB, IGCSE etc)
  • STEM Coaching - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Maths, Economics, English and many other subjects
  • Preparation of different standardized tests - Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Helping you to build your profile by guiding you on leadership skills, co-curricular activities, internship, online courses etc.
  • Shortlist and finalize the best-fit college / university
  • Research the right programs / courses for students
  • Craft academic CV
  • Brainstorm ideas for essays and personal statements
  • Draft pointers for recommendation letters
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid guidance
  • MMI and Panel Interview Preparation
  • Submission of the application form
  • Follow up with the universities and updating the status of the applications
  • Visa assistance and guidance
  • Assistance on safe accommodation options
  • Pre-Departure Guidance

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