Study Foundation Course in UAE, Requirements, Cost & More

Study Foundation Program in UAE

​Are you planning to study foundation in UAE?

Check out the top universities & colleges offering foundation programs also known as an international foundation year in UAE. Foundation courses are taken by students who are planning to study undergraduate or postgraduate programs however do not meet the basic scores such as O levels or have a gap year. Certain degree courses vary in terms of entry requirements

A student can apply to 5 universities for the foundation program through UCAS. Qualifications required for an undergraduate degree or post-master degree programs are kept at a minimum. International foundation courses are taken by international students to upgrade their study skills. Foundation programs are at a university campus or on campus. Many top universities offer foundation programs on various majors.


Foundation Programs Offered in UAE ( Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah)

  • Business Foundation Program

  • Foundation program in Arts & Media

  • Foundation Courses Engineering & Computer Information

  • Foundation Program for Law & Politics

  • Foundation Program in Psychology

  • Foundation Course in Management

  • Foundation Program in Infomation Technology

  • Foundation Program for International Studies

  • Foundation Program in Sciences

  • Foundation Program in Social Sciences

  • Foundation Program in Art and Design

Below is a list of Universities or Colleges offering foundation programs in UAE.

  1. University of Brihimgam
  2. Middlesex University
  3. Bolton University
  4. Murdoch University Dubai
  5. Curtin University
  6. Amity University
  7. Herriot Watt University
  8. Modul University

Major Intakes for Foundation Programs in UAE

UAE has 3 major intakes for foundation programs.  September is a major intake since British curriculum results are rolled out.
January and May are the other 2 intakes where international students can apply for foundation programs.

Cost of Studying Foundation Program in the UAE.

The tuition fee for foundation programs vary for different majors, for example, the cost of studying foundation in medicine higher than doing a  foundation course in management

The approximate cost of studying the foundation program in UAE is between AED 44,000 to 60,000.
The average cost of living in the UAE varies on the city you select, Sharjah and Rasal Khaima is on a cheaper side compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Saying this, the average cost of living is AED 37,000

Application Requirements for Foundation Programs in UAE.

For students from British GCSEs/IGCSEs/O Levels,  the entry requirements are the completion of 5 relevant subjects with good grades (minimum CCCCC)
Students from IB Curriculum, Certificate is required for entry to the International Foundation Programme.
Other Curriculum students will need to meet the entry requirement of a minimum of 60% score requirements in the academic results.

English Language Requirements to Study Foundation in the UAE.

A minimum of 5.5 bands in IELTS is required to enroll for the foundation program or a minimum score of 65 in TOEFL.

Foundation Program Course Details in UAE.

Foundation courses in UAE are for 1 year divided into 2 semesters. 

Below are a few common topics covered in Foundation programs.

  1. Introduction to the core subject

  2. Academic English

  3. Approach to Learning

  4. Business Management

  5. Academics Skills & Writing

Top Reasons to Study Foundation Program in UAE

1. Internationally Recognised Degree: Universities offering foundation program degrees are internationally recognized and add value while applying for top universities.

2. Cost of Studying: The cost of studying a foundation course in UAE is reasonably lower compared to other countries offering a foundation degree course in the same subject

3. Quality of Education: Dubai is home to many top global universities offering foundation courses, Universities such as Middlesex University, Canadian University, Curtin University are few of top-ranked universities for foundation courses

4.  Tourist Destination: UAE, especially Dubai is among the top tourist destinations in the world, students get a chance to interact with other international students.

5. Transport: UAE is easily accessible with multiple and effective modes of transport such as Dubai Metro, RTA Busses & easily accessible stations 

If you are planning to study the international foundation program in the UK,

Admission Process for Foundation Program in Dubai, UAE

After you finalize your field of study, you should submit the below documents to the admission officer

  1. Secondary Education Certificates
  2. English Language Proficiency Test  Results or Language Proficiency Test
  3. Other Certificate of Education
  4. You can Request Assistance From Our Consultants or Submit Application Online ( UCAS  if planning for the UK)

Advantages of Doing Foundation Programs

  1. Individual development of Language Skills - Language skills are essential in today's business world, Foundation course helps you to upgrade your communication skills.
  2. Development of Academic Skills - Whatever field of study you choose, Foundation programs will give you that extra edge in developing your academic skills.

Below are a few top universities that offer foundation courses in the UK

  1. Durham university

  2. University of Essex

  3. University of Brighton

  4. University of Sussex

  5. University of London

  6. Napier University

GoToUniversity has strategic partnerships with universities and colleges offering Foundation programs in UAE. Contact our expert foundation program consultant @ 0521365479   or leave a comment below to request a callback.

List of Few Top Universities Offering Foundation Program Worldwide.

  1. University of South

  2. Middlesex University

  3. University of Portsmouth

  4. St George University

  5. Plymouth University

  6. Bournemouth University

  7. Ulster University

  8. Aston University

  9. University of Dundee

  10. St Johns University

  11. Anglia Ruskin University.

  12. University of Nottingham

  13. University of Westminster

  14. Trent University

  15. Nottingham Trent University

  16. UWE Bristol


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Hey , please I want someone to contact me as soon as possible to answer some of my questions. I am international student who is willing to study medicine foundational year.

Hey , please I want someone to contact me as soon as possible to answer some of my questions. I am international student who is willing to study medicine foundational year.

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High school ?? ????? ?????? ???????? ???????? ??????? ?????? ? ??

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.Please contact us on son has completed As level in August 2020 and wants to join foundation course in STEM .he has not doneA level

.Please contact us on son has completed As level in August 2020 and wants to join foundation course in STEM .he has not doneA level

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