Top Global Universities in Japan

Top Engineering Universities in Japan

Studying in Top Colleges and Universities in Japan

  1.  University of Tokyo 

  2. Nagoya University 

  3. Osaka University 

  4. Tohoku University

Why study in Japan?

Study has become the hub of global universities & colleges, Japan has been consistent in having more than 20% share in the top 100 universities ranking list.

The number of passouts from University of Bunka has delivered numerous extraordinary acheivers

Below are few top fashion universities in Japan

Hiroko Koshino, Yohji Yamamoto and Chisato Tsumori & Bunka Fashion College

The top 7 universities in Japan which have sucessfully made it in top 100 globally ranked universiites in the world.

Below are top 7 universities in Japan with thier global ranking

Doshisha University (35th), Nanzan University (joint 55th), the University of Kitakyushu (62nd), Toyo University (joint 76th), Ryukoku University (joint 80th), Kyoto Sangyo University (88th) and Kanagawa University (joint 89th).

Yokohama is among top destination for top universities & colleges in Japan, here you can find top global universities which offer courses in Japansese & english language.

Get all info about the various study options in Yokohama Japan and compare the tuition fees and duration. You can save  contact best  universities in Yokohama directly

Higher education is a very personal choice. It plays a major role in defining who you become, as well as your socio-economic conditions. It's not uncommon for many around the world to go to the U.S to study. It's not uncommon either for Europeans to study in other European countries. Japan is often forgotten as a destination, except for those in the nearby region. This is for good reasons, until fairly recently, Japanese universities were not as welcoming to foreigners as they are now, except for a few, and especially for exchange students only.

Bunka Fashion College first dressmaking college in Japan. The second type is admission by school recommendation. This method almost guarantees admission. The hard part is being chosen. Student chosen are usually the archetypical model student with excellent grades and behavior, the class rep type, for you slice of life fans out there. High schools are linked to specific universities, and often when applying to high school, this is taken into consideration.

Keio university's architecture program is among top architecture university in Japan. It is located in  Tokyo. Students from different curriculum are encouraged to take courses in architecture, however many students prefer international universities over best ranked universities in Japan

 Last year  was a new record for Japan education system as 103 Japanese universities made it on Times Higher Education World University Rankings list, 
The top 2 universities in Japan are University of Tokyo and University of Kyoto University.
They have seen steady increased in  international student enrollment rate.
In the 1980s and 1990s, about 30%-39% of high school graduates went on to universities
Education awarness grew in students in Japan as we can witness 60% students enrolled in top uiversities in Japan in 2012


Earn a top-tier education
Japan is one of the largest economies in the world and a leader in innovation and developing the most advanced services in the world. With such high standards of service, one thing you can be sure of is that those who study in Japan can expect a very high level of education. Many top universities in Japan are offering scholarship programs for international students

Study in Japan Gotouniversity

The quality of education offers in Japan to international students is one of the best in the world and Japan boasts some of the highest Nobel Prize winners in the region. It also offers some of the best universities in Japan for international students. 
See top programs at the University of Tokyo here
See top programs at Nagoya University here.
See top programs at Tohoku University here.
See top programs at Osaka University here.

Learn a difficult language
International students who study in Japan have a brilliant opportunity to learn the most complex language in the world. Universities in Japan know how to turn around a student who doesn’t know a single word in Japanese and graduating with fluency in the Japanese language.

Study in Japan Gotouniversity

Within a year they learn to speak fluently in Japanese and come out graduating and mastering the language. It requires hard work and dedication on the student’s part but universities in Japan know how to teach international students so they come on the other side fluent in the language. And it is a great skill to have for any employer as the Japanese language is a rare skill set. 

Familiarize yourself with Japanese culture and traditions
The Japanese are not only famous for developing the most unique machines and innovative technology, but the Japanese culture is also one of the most unique in the world. Their culture is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and international students who study in Japan learn a whole new way of living life imbibing the true Japanese spirit.

study in japan gotouniversity

Apart from offering the best universities in Japan for international students, Japan also offers a highly valued and rich culture that teaches you to live life with more discipline and brilliance. 

Enjoy the finest cuisine in the world
Japan is popularly known for the world’s most delicious cuisine. The Japanese pride about its mouthwatering sushi and ramen bowls. Not only that, but they also have some of the world’s most healthy cuisine with natural and fresh ingredients and the least amount of processing in their food.

Study in Japan

And Japanese love green tea! 

Large choice of institutions to choose from
Japan is home to some of the top universities in the world. Every year most of Japan’s universities rank among the top 200 universities in the world making it the most desired destination for international students from all over the world. 
Below are few listed top universities in japan with thier comparision

Compare University of Tokyo here
Compare Nagoya University here
Compare Osaka University here

Study in Japan

Work opportunities in Japan
Studying in Japan for international students is beneficial as Japanese companies are fond of foreigners with an international perspective and knowledge of local culture and language. Also, the Japanese job market is one of the most secured with high paying jobs for qualified individuals from Japanese universities


Life in Japan
One of the best reason to study in Japan for international students is that life is amazing in Japan. It is one the largest economy in the world with the lowest employment rates. It boasts a high standard of living with the healthiest lifestyle hence having the highest life expectancy rate. Japanese culture is well known for its deep-rooted tradition and its people are warm and welcoming.


All this and many more make Japan the best place to study for international students. 

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