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STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and it includes subjects from these four fields of study and the term is used to group together these academic disciplines. Though STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, it has a wide range of topics that broadly come under the umbrella term STEM. Here are a few subjects that come under STEM. ​​​
Aerospace engineering
Mechanical engineering
Chemical engineering
Electrical engineering
Civil engineering
Computer science

Here are some of the top universities that are known for their STEM programs. 

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

        Average cost after aid - $23K
        Graduation rate - 91%
        Acceptance rate - 8%


MIT offers a wide range of doctoral programs that include degrees in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. The Institute offers graduate programs leading to academic degrees such as the Master of Science, various Engineer's Degrees, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Science and interdisciplinary graduate programs such as the MD-PhD. 

2. California Institute of Technology
        Average cost after aid - $25K
        Graduation rate - 92%
        Acceptance rate - 9%

Caltech is counted in one of the world's top ten universities. Caltech was elected to the Association of American Universities in 1934, and it is famous worldwide for the high amount of research activity primarily in STEM fields. Caltech has been the hub for research for agencies like NASA, National Science Foundation, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Defense, and Department of Energy. Caltech has produced many entrepreneurs, scientists and Nobel laureates. 

3. Harvey Mudd College
        Average cost after aid - $30K
        Graduation rate - 90%
        Acceptance rate - 13%

Harvey Mudd
HMC offers bachelor degrees in subjects like chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, biology, and engineering, and joint majors in computer science and mathematics, or in biology and chemistry. Students can also elect an Individual Program of Study or a major offered by any of the other Claremont Colleges if they complete a minor in one of the technical fields offered by Harvey Mudd. 

4. Johns Hopkins University
         Average cost after aid - $34K
         Graduation rate - 93%
         Acceptance rate - 14%

John Hopkins
John Hopkins University offers undergraduate programs, but the university is extremely selective. The admissions office of John Hopkins accepted only 8.4 % of the regular decisions applicants in 2018. The average GPA of the candidates enrolled is 3.88 for 2018. The application deadline is November 2nd for early decision applicants. The deadline for this is 1st January and results come out in late March. 


5. Carnegie Mellon University
         Average cost after aid - $35K
         Graduation rate - 88%
         Acceptance rate - 24%

Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pittsburgh, and it is a private research university. Carnegie Mellon is an international university with locations in six continents, including Qatar and Silicon Valley that award degrees. The University has more than twenty research partnerships. There are seven colleges and independent school in the university that offer interdisciplinary programs. Carnegie Mellon is different in its multidisciplinary approach to education and research activities. 

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