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Virtual Medical Society

The virtual medical society is a student-led society that was formed by Sanjana Mehrotra, who is currently a second-year medical student. The club had formed in 2020 when the pandemic had hit. It is a community for aspiring medical students made by aspiri

    Top 5 Leading Study Abroad Destinations in Europe

    Early on in the Renaissance, Europe was already a leader in providing world-class education to students from throughout the globe.

      Why Comparing University Matters the Most Before Getting Admission

      You’ve heard the saying “it’s all relative,” right? On that point, you should be aware that there is a set of standards in making comparisons in universities for a better & accelerated career. Choosing a university that has the specializations that you ar

        Why is the UK the preferred educational hub for Indian students

        One of the most well-known international centers for education has been the UK. Many universities in the UK date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Numerous great leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, received their education from some of t

          How to Apply for Oxford Brookes University as an International Student

          Located in the ancient city of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University is a cutting-edge institution. We are pleased to have 2,700 students from more than 140 nations who enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate programs. You will be supported, challenged, an

            Top Ranking Colleges in Canada for Engineering Students

            The development of a country's infrastructure relies heavily on engineering. It's a worldwide quest for universities that will make their degrees stand out. A bachelor's degree in engineering requires a commitment of at least four years of study. Engineer

              What Are the Minimum Marks Needed to Study for a Master's Degree in Canada

              The biggest nation in North America, Canada, is also the second-largest nation in the world by land area. Along with being a fantastic spot to relocate, it is one of the largest and fastest-growing locations for vocational training and diploma courses.

                Top Most International Entrance Exams to Study Abroad

                Every year, thousands of students relocate to different regions of the globe to finish their higher education.

                  How to make abroad university admission process easier and faster

                  The choice to study at a university abroad involves a lot of planning and procedures that can be too much to follow through for a layman.

                    Do you need strong visa guidance while planning to study abroad

                    Student Visas are, as the name implies, provided to applicants whose primary reason for travelling to a foreign nation is to pursue education.

                      What are QS World University Rankings and how do they make an impact

                      Studying abroad is a dream for many, but only a few are well-resourced and informed to make it a reality.

                        Is the Canadian University of Dubai better than the American University in Dubai

                        Parents and kids alike love Dubai for a variety of reasons, the first of which is the variety of educational options available.

                          Reduction on Tuition Fees at Queens University Belfast

                          Compared to many other highly respected British colleges, Queen’s University Belfast provides more affordable tuition and living costs.

                            Secure a seat in your favorite university with Foundation Courses

                            Missing the chance to get into your favorite university can be heartbreaking! But, giving up on that dream is not a solution.

                              Tips for Scoring Band 9 in IELTS Reading

                              Many test-takers are writing to us with the notion that it is not a possible task for non-native English speakers. They merely cannot grasp all that difficult vocabulary

                                Scholarship for Indian students to study in the UK

                                Talking about education and study in the UK, the UK is a multinational country which is extremely well-liked by all the global students

                                  Part Time Jobs for International Students in Canada

                                  Studying in Canada is always a dream for all the students out there. A person can spend their lifetime exploring Canada

                                    Why is Germany most favourite study destinations for Indian students

                                    Germany is one the most developed countries in the world with great universities, learning experiences, a vigorous atmosphere, an adaptive habitat

                                      How can students work on their leadership skills and co curricular activities to study abroad

                                      Co-curricular activities help students to comprehend themselves while engaging in several activities with various people.

                                        Which are some best universities for studying CS and IT overseas

                                        Computer science and IT are one of the most preferred and in high-demand courses in recent years as the science and technology in today’s world are growing rapidly and dynamically

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