Study Work and Settle in Canada

The most common question comes in mind of students when they decide to study overseas is right destination. Its pertinent to select the place for study as you don’t only got for education but also to experience and explore the career opportunities.  Canada is one of those countries who offer students not only the affordable quality of education but also stay back post competition of their studies leading to permanent residency. In this article we will try to cover major aspects of study in Canada which may help you to take your decision for your higher studies.The most common question comes in mind of students when they decide to study overseas is right destination. Its pertinent to select the place for study as you don’t only got for education but also to experience and explore the career opportunities.  Canada is one of those countries who offer students not only the affordable quality of education but also stay back post competition of their studies leading to permanent residency. In this article we will try to cover major aspects of study in Canada which may help you to take your decision for your higher studies.

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Canada Education System.

Education system in Canada can be divided into Diploma courses, Degree programs and Doctoral programs.  Canada offers various types of courses such as Undergraduate Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Post Baccalaureate, Master, MBA and Phd. While degree program focus on theoretical and in depth knowledge of subjects, diploma courses are designed as per industry standards. Degree programs are more suitable for theoretical learning and diploma programs are more suitable for working professionals and mature applicants. Irrespective of type of course, Canadian qualification mostly offers experiential learning to students and many of the programs offer Co-Op terms which could be for few weeks based on the course and helps students to connect with an employers in Canada. Good thing is that sometimes these Co-Op could be paid and you can earn some money to stay motivated. Canadian qualification is globally recognized and can really help understanding the ongoing real time scenarios in the industry.

Popular Programs in Canada:

Best Courses to Study in Canada

Due to the evolving job market globally and Canada being one of the popular destination offers industry oriented courses to international students and some of the top trending courses are Business Analytics, Data Science, Data Analytics, Computer Science, IT, Management consulting, Banking, Finance and Engineering courses which has attracted many students to pursue their career undergraduate and post graduate studies in Canada. These courses are listed in short skills of Canada and can definitely offer you a promising career..

Cost of Studying in Canada:

An average tuition fee for international students applying for education in Canada could cost from CAD$ 12,000 to CAD$ 40,000 annually which depends on university, location and the specific course chosen. Living expenses range from CA$10,000 to CA$15,000 per year.

Can you Study in Canada for Free:

There many students who are aspiring to pursue their education overseas however due to the financial constraints are not able to follow their dream and look for full scholarships or financial aid for their studies. It’s not practical to say that you can study for free in Canada but there are many colleges and universities who offer courses at less tuition fee and also offers scholarships to students provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

What is IELTS and how to study in Canada without IELTS:LTS?

IELTS Required for Canada

While studying overseas has multiple requirements, IELTS is surely most important and common prerequisite for many countries and courses for your higher education. IELTS is one of popular English language proficiency test which asses your English linguistic ability to meet the language requirements to study or migrate to any overseas country. IELTS are of two types one is being General which is designed for the applicants who migrate to settle or work in the foreign country and the other one is Academic which is designed for international students to follow the education pathway. There are four sections (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) in both General and Academic test and the overall and individual component is scored out of 9 bands. One can not apply to Canada without IELTS as it’s a requirement for study visa permit and applying without IELTS could lead to rejection of student visa.

Top Universities in Canada:

Best Universities in Canada

Some of the best universities in Canada are University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, University of York, Mc Master , McGill, University of Alberta, University of Ryerson and more.  These universities are highly ranked globally with high academic expectations from students and have less acceptance rate due to the competitive admission but there are many other public universities and colleges where students can apply with less academics and higher acceptance rate such as University of Trent, NYIT, University of Regina, University of Prince Edward Island, Thompson Rivers University, Brock University and many more. GoToUniversity admission consultants can help you shortlist best suited universities based on your profile and requirements.

Study in Canada VS USA VS Australia:

While USA has been a most preferred destination for the international students who aim to study in top universities and majority of their universities celebrate the status of high world ranking. Despite that fact , there has been a significant decrease of 10.4% in number of international students in the last 4 years and experts believe the decrease is due to the uncertainty of immigration policies set for international students and on the other side Australia has attracted over 700,000 international students in 2019 which seen an increase of 9 percent from previous year. Australia is preferred destination for the students who consider warm climate, courses related to healthcare, hospitality, education, computers etc and stay back options but need to wait in long queue to get their permanent residency and citizenship as it’s a lengthy process and applications are scrutinized in depth. Looking at Canada which is a 3rd most preferred destination among international students has gained much popularity and attention in the last few years. Canada attracted over 6, 42,000 students in 2019 which seen an increase of 13 percent from previous year and due to their less population and immigration friendly policy for immigrants Canada is becoming a leading education destination globally. Comparing from USA and Australia, Canada indeed offers a flexible stay back and permanent residency options to students.

Study in Canada SOP:

SOP is statement of purpose is a letter between 700 to 900 words and often referred as statement of interest, letter of motivation, letter of intention, essay etc.  While applying to Canadian institutions one need to arrange and submit the documents as per the program requirements and one common requirement is statement of purpose. Statement of purpose is a letter in which you need to write about your subject interest, accomplishments, research, motivation towards the intended course and future goal. It is used to evaluate student’s overall profile and personality and should be written with own words and thoughts to display your strength and weakness. Many student lack in academics or have an educational gap or may be looking to switch their career and all these can be explained and presented to admission committee to be considered for admission.

Scholarship Opportunities in Canada:

Any kind of scholarship or financial aid can help a student to get a relief from financial burden when they plan to study overseas. There are various scholarships are available for international students and it is based on academic merit and overall profile. Its best to start your application and research 2 years before of the course start date to explore scholarships which can help you plan your finances in a better way. Traditional scholarships are usually offered by the universities and colleges and below are some bursary names which one can look to apply:

  • Government of Canada International Scholarships Program
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Quebec merit scholarship for foreign students
  • Trudeau Foundation Doctoral scholarships
  • International Council for Canadian Studies
  • Scholarships made available by Global Affairs Canada
  • Humber College International Entrance Scholarships
  • York University International Student Scholarship Program
  • University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Studies
  • International Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • Carleton University Entrance Scholarships for International Students
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships
  • University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Student Awards
  • University of Calgary Graduate Awards

Stay Back and Permanent Residency Opportunities in Canada:

Canada is one those countries who offer easy PR and stay back options to international students which gives a relief to their parents and to students as they can get a post study work visa upto 3 years upon their course completion wherein they can look for the job opportunities to start their career in Canada however the duration of post study work visa depends on the length of course but certainly helps you to start earning and get the return of investment on your education. International students can also apply for permanent residency post their post study work visa and settle for good in Canada.

Scholarship opportunities in Canada

Study in Canada and Work:

Canada has become a hot destination to study for international students as it offers various benefits to international students and one of them is high quality of education at affordable fee leading to stay back and residency option. It has a world class education system and maintains a high standard of academic excellence. Canada also offers variety of courses like Undergraduate Degree, Master Degree, Post Baccalaureate and Diplomas. Students who are looking for academic degree opt for universities and professional and experienced students opt for colleges as they offer industry oriented courses and directly linked with trending jobs in the market.

Canada offer excellent job opportunities to international students and in 2019 there were more than 1, 70,000 jobs were supported by international students and it is continuing to grow. Experts reported around 5.5 percent of unemployment rate in Canada by Jan 2020 which is the best in top 5 international student destinations.  Canada’s flexible residency and stay back options are boon to students and they get the fair opportunity to gain international exposure in Canada for career progression.