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Apps for international students studying in the UK

posted on: October 26, 2022

The UK is the perfect place for international students as it is home to a lot of prestigious universities. Every year thousands of students migrate to the UK to pursue their higher education abroad. As an international student of the word, there are a lot of things to you that you have to take care of on your own. As a human, it is inevitable to make mistakes. In times like these technology comes to your rescue and takes care of the things that you can't do on your own. Here are some apps that will be really useful for an international student studying in the UK-

  • Student Beans

This app was launched in 2005 and is very useful for students to get discounts in various shops and stores. Student beans tell you how much discount as a student you are eligible for in a particular store. This app has a lot of vouchers and offers specially for students that you can encash in various places. This will help you save up a lot of money which is the best possible thing for an international student.

  • Too Good to Go

On a daily basis, restaurants and eating joints throw away a lot of food that is not sold. Since food is a perishable thing, it cannot be sold the next day as it goes bad. Too Good to Go connects people with restaurants and food joints that have excess food left which they are ready to give for free or at a very discounted price.

  • Stint

Stint helps in finding part-time jobs for international students to support their expenses. As an international student, you'll have to spend a lot of money on different things like transportation, rent, food, and a lot more. Stint allows you to look for a potential job that suits your interests and skills.

  • Splitwise

When you start living on your own you have to keep a track of your expenses. When you go out with your friends and pay bills you end up owing money to somebody or being owed money by someone. Splitwise was developed keeping this problem in mind. It keeps a track of all the expenses and spending. You can check who you owe money from and who you have to give money to.

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