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Australian universities with no application fees

posted on: October 03, 2022

Paying for application fees is one extra expense that a lot of students forget about. Application forms of prestigious universities can be very expensive especially when the countries are highly developed. There are a lot of universities that do not charge any application fees which means that students can apply to these universities for absolutely free. Some of the universities in Australia which do not charge any application fees are-

  • RMIT University, Melbourne

This university is ranked among the top 90 universities in the world according to the QS world University rankings. It is famous for its courses that are offered in the field of science and technology. RMIT University exempts students from a list of pre-decided countries.

For other students whose countries are not included in the list, they have to pay AU$100 as their application fees.

  • The University of South Australia (UniSA), Adelaide

This is a very famous research university in Australia. It is ranked 29th in the category of Top 50 universities aged under 50. All international students can apply for free in this university regardless of which country they belong to. If you are an international student then you have to apply here

  • Charles Darwin University (CDU), Darwin

This university is located in the northern part of Australia. It identifies itself as a new world university that doesn't believe in the concept of legacy and tradition. You don't have to pay any application fees in order to apply to this university.

  • University Of Notre Dame

The is a private Catholic University. It believes in Catholic values but welcomes students from around the world and doesn't differentiate between faiths. You can apply for free to this university but make sure that you check the requirements.


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