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Best boarding schools in Asia

posted on: October 25, 2022

While selecting a school for your children, as a parent you look at a lot of factors. For some people, infrastructure might be the biggest concern whereas for others it's the faculty that makes all the difference. But there are some schools out there that offer you the best of everything in one place. All you need to do is just research a bit and you are good to go. This article is for all Asian students and even students from other continents who want to study in Asia in a good boarding school. Here is the list of best boarding schools in Asia-

  • Jerudong International School

This boarding school has a very clean and green campus and it focuses on the overall success of students in all spheres of life. It has a huge 10,000 m² Outdoor Discovery Centre (ODC) where students can immerse themselves in activities like harvesting honey from the stingless beehives, and observing and listening to the myriad of wildlife.

  • British International School Phuket

This is a co-educational and English medium school in Phuket, Thailand. The school believes in delivering excellent teaching facilities and education to international students. The school focuses on competitive studies during school time that prepares them for the future.

  • Marlborough College Malaysia

This boarding school focuses on the British pattern of education while helping students discover their talents in various areas. It is built on a campus of 90 acres and focuses on the journey of a student more than his/her destination.

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