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Cheapest countries to pursue BTech courses for Indian students

posted on: November 23, 2022

As we know that engineering courses can be extremely expensive. If a student wants to pursue a degree in engineering from an international University, then it is even more expensive. Additionally you will also have to pay for higher accommodation rates and look after eating and other miscellaneous expenses. This increases the overall cost of education to a very large extent . Here is a list of countries where students can pursue BTech courses at affordable rates-

  • Germany

Germany's new supplies in this list. This country is known as the IT hub of Europe and generates millions of jobs in the sector every year. Germany also offers free education to all the students irrespective of their native countries. In 2022, it was found that around 33,753 international students were pursuing engineering degrees in Germany.

  • The Netherlands

Some of the universities in the Netherlands are so old that they were among the first universities in the world to offer a course in engineering. In 2022, around 3000 Indian students were pursuing engineering courses in the Netherlands. You can expect to pay around US$10,000 annually as your tuition fee. Your monthly expense can be somewhere around US$700-US$1000 depending upon how you spend your money.

  • Sweden

Sweden has around 1000 courses that are completely taught in English for international students. People know Sweden because of its affordable education which also maintains quality standards. You can expect to page US$75 as your application fees. As  tuition fees you have to be somewhere around US$11,000 annually.

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