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Cheapest law schools that every student must know about

posted on: November 24, 2022

Becoming a lawyer is Johnny of passion and honor. You have to give many years of your life in practice before you actually become a professional lawyer. It is not an instantly rewarding degree. It's a gradual process and you get the fruit of your hard work after a long period of time. But this doesn't stop a lot of students from pursuing this profession. Maybe it's the magnetic jam of this profession that propels a lot of students towards it. Pursuing a degree in law can be expensive. Generally students look for affordable options especially if they want to study abroad. Here are some law schools that you can consider for an affordable education-

  • The University of Law, UK

This university offers a three-year online law degree course that students can enroll in. This course will cost you somewhere around £6800. You can also apply for their scholarship which can go up to £3000.

  • Taylor’s University, Malaysia

This university is one of the most famous universities in Malaysia. It offers a Masters in Law degree that students from different countries come to pursue here. The judicial system of Malaysia is very similar to that of India which means that Indian students will be able to understand their curriculum very well. Malaysia is one of the most affordable countries to study and live in so you do not have to worry a lot about your budget.

  • Free University of Berlin, Germany

We all know that Germany offers free of cost education to all the international students irrespective of their country of origin. Free University of Berlin is one such public university that offers top programmes at no cost at all.

  • National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Indian students are one of the top groups of international students in Taiwan. The National Taiwan University is ranked at 77th number and QS world University rankings. It's College of Law is ranked among the top 10 law schools of Asia. Taiwan is also very inexpensive country to study in.

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