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Everything you need to know about working part-time as a student in Australia

posted on: September 16, 2022

As per the Australian government, you need around 21041 Australian dollars annually as an international student to survive in Australia. So it automatically becomes imperative for a student to work part-time in order to support their financial needs. Every country has its own rules and laws when it comes to working hours and wage rates for jobs. Here are the things that you must know about working part-time as a student in Australia-

  • Before applying for a part-time job make sure you scrutinize your visa completely because not every student is eligible for a part-time job. Earlier students were allowed to work for 20 hours a week during the semester but this rule didn't apply during semester breaks and holidays. Recently this law has been changed and students can work for unlimited hours even if the semester is going on. But this is eligible only for certain sectors like healthcare, disability care, aged care, agriculture, and tourism.
  • A lot of students are confused about the types of jobs that they will be eligible for while pursuing their studies. Generally, the university that you are studying in has a lot of vacancies for students in libraries, canteen, labs, and other places. If you don't like doing jobs like these then you can also apply for babysitting jobs and other jobs in the tourism industry which is very popular in Australia.
  • To apply for jobs your first destination should be your university placement center. Other than that you can apply on sites like Indeed, Seek, and Jobactive.
  • As per the latest update, the minimum wage rate in Australia is 21.38 Australian dollars per hour. You can be paid upto 50 Australian dollars to 80 Australian dollars per hour depending upon the skill that your job requires

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