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Impacts of the entry of foreign universities in India

posted on: April 26, 2022

In the budget 2022, it was announced that all the world famous universities will be allowed to open their campuses in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) city, ‘free from domestic regulations’ but bound by IFSCA (International Financial Services Centres Authority). This will prove to be a brand new chapter in the history of the Indian education system. The implications will be multifaceted on the Indian education system. This includes the curriculum, degree duration, profitability, staff, reservations of seats and many more things. As per a data received by Rajya Sabha, over 1133749 students were enrolled in foreign universities. This shows the huge gravitation of Indian students towards western universities. As per 2015 Open Doors reports, Indian students contribute 3.6 Billion Dollars to the US economy. For Indian universities to attract this section of students, it will take a lot of development on different levels which will be a gradual process. Bringing foreign universities to India can prove to be a good move to avoid both brain and money drain from the country but the certainty of it can be assured by time only.


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