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Top music business schools for international students

posted on: October 20, 2022

Social media has gripped this generation immensely. Reels, shorts, and tik-tok are the thing of now. Everyone is interested in seeing things that are only visually gratifying. One thing that you would have also noticed is the popularity and mass production of music. Since music plays an important part in the making of these reels and TikTok videos, the future prospect of music has become very bright. This is why a lot of educational institutes have started offering courses in the field of music that also cover business dimensions. This is done to make you a successful person in the business of music. Not only will you learn how to make music but also understand the mathematics involved with selling your records and profit making. Some of the top institutions offering music business courses are-

  • Abbey Road Institute

This educational institution is located in the heart of London which gives students the benefit of studying in a prime location. Students have a variety of choices among different music business programs. It offers advanced one-year diplomas in music production and sound engineering, five-month diplomas in audio postproduction for film and television, and also provides training in mixing, recording, and mastering. Other branches of this institution are in Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney, Johannesburg, and Frankfurt.

  • Baldwin Wallace University

What makes this institute stand out is the great opportunities that it has in store for you. Baldwin Wallace University has a lot of connections and networking in the world of music. This can give your career a much-needed initial push. It is located in Ohio and proudly calls itself a liberal arts college that offers courses on the postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

  • Berklee College of Music

It is one of the top music schools in the United States of America. It has a remarkable reputation and image in the education market which is very necessary for you to start a potential music career. The music school has campuses in Boston, New York, and a lot more around the world. Their Spain campus offers a Music business program.

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