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What is the CSS profile and how to complete it?

posted on: October 07, 2022

The CSS profile is your gateway to non-federal scholarships. It is recorded and maintained by the same organization that facilitates SATs. It is needed by 300 educational institutes around the world in order to offer scholarships to an individual. The CSS profile allows families and individuals to put forward whatever reasons they have to justify their inability to pay college tuition fees. This application is majorly needed by private institutions which have bigger endowments to offer. Some examples of the universities that will be considering the CSS application for distributing financial allowances to students are-

  • American University (DC)
  • Brandeis University (MA)
  • College of William & Mary (VA)
  • Duke University (NC)
  • Grinnell College (IA)
  • Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)
  • University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
  • University of Southern California
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)

In order to complete the CSS profile, it is very essential to have a college board account. If you are a student who's ready to get into college and has appeared for SATs then you might already have a college board account which will come in handy while completing your CSS profile. Make sure that you create your profile there. After that, it is very important for you to collect all the necessary documents which are witnesses of your inability to pay tuition fees like your income tax receipts from the same year as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students who have already completed their FAFSA application can fill in the same information in their CSS applications. In both applications, tax documents of two years prior to the year of joining the College have to be submitted. So for instance, if you want to start college in 2024, you will have to submit your tax documents for the year 2022. After that select colleges that you want to apply to. There is no minimum or maximum number limit when it comes to applying for colleges.

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