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What to expect from an English degree?

posted on: September 30, 2022

Choosing an English degree will take you on a path of exploring the foundations and development of a language that is right now the most used language in the world. It is almost like studying history as you will get to read the writings of poets and writers throughout different times and generations. Pursuing an English degree can also be very rewarding in terms of your career opportunities. You also gain a lot of emotional intelligence while studying literature as you will be reading books of different genres. These books will have an independent story of their own that will stimulate all your emotional muscles in the body. Here are the things that you can expect from a quintessential literature degree-

  • You will have to read lots and lots of Shakespeare as a part of the curriculum. In English literature the vitality of Shakespeare is unparalleled.
  • Be ready to read lots and lots of essays from different writers. As a part of your degree, you will have assignments that will include drawing critical analyses from essays written by famous writers.
  • Don't make the mistake of perceiving an English degree as just a literature-based degree. This will include exploring themes like social structure through the writings of different writers. You will also study the history of language and the political tangent associated with it today.
  • A good English degree will also teach you how to become a professional storyteller. During your degree, you will read a number of novels and each novel have its unique way of telling people the story that the writer wants to tell. This way you will learn how different and uniquely you can share your voice through your writing.

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