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What to expect from your first week as an international student of the year in foreign country

posted on: November 28, 2022

The experience of studying abroad is very exciting and full of new experiences. As a new student who is all by himself in a foreign country, it may initially become overwhelming for you. But chances are high that over the period of time you will learn to accommodate yourself. Here's what you can expect from your first week as an international student in a foreign country-

  • you will probably be settling down in your new accommodation trying to adjust with the new climatic conditions and surroundings. It is advised that you figure out all the important locations such as a hospital, supermarket and bus station nearby your location so that you have an idea of where you need to go for all these things respectively.
  • Even if your classes have not yet started officially, you must initiate a contact with your university and try to visit it once in person before their classes officially start. This will help you in getting acquainted with the distance between your accommodation and the university. Also try to meet your professors in order to get an idea of their personality and your program.
  • Get yourself a bank account in that country and get all the necessary stuff such as a debit card and a cheque-book.
  • Start traveling and exploring things around your accommodation so that you get familiar with roads and routes.
  • Try to get comfortable and acquainted with your new surroundings. Try to socialize with your roommates or housemates if you have any. Make contact with your neighbors as well. 

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