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Why are top universities withdrawing from famous university rankings

posted on: November 25, 2022

Famous universities like Yale, Harvard's and UCL have withdrawn themselves from famous university rankings like US news education and QS world rankings. They have stated that the criteria used by these famous rankings are full of flaws and not up to the mark. These rankings have been accused of being biased towards certain countries and universities. Since these universities do not stand for discrimination and inclination towards certain geographical areas, they have decided to withdraw themselves from these rankings.

 A lot of parents and students throughout the world are dependent on these rankings for admissions and selection of universities. If their goal is not at most transparency and accuracy, then there is no use of these rankings. A lot of universities are also against the parameters that are used by these rankings organizations as they feel like they give more importance to superficial stuff like infrastructure and other such facilities. Many universities have committed to providing need-based college scholarships to a lot of financially weak students. Factors like these are underlooked by these ranking organisations, which is why universities are now boycotting these rankings in solidarity.

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