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Why is Asia as a destination for study abroad becoming famous?

posted on: November 02, 2022

Generally when you think of studying abroad, North America and Europe are the first two continents that come into your mind. After this a lot of students choose to go to Australia as it also offers high-quality education that is highly regarded around the world. Asia has never been the priority of international students for pursuing international education. But of late we have been saying that a lot of international students have been preferring to study in Asian universities. This is because Asian countries have been actively working very hard in order to improve the quality of education that is offered in their universities. Recently China surpassed the United States of America in the list of the best universities of the world by having the most number of universities on that list. 280 educational institutes out of the 2000 that were listed in that list were Chinese. When you compare this to the 2016 data, you will find that only two Chinese universities were featured in that list that year. Surprisingly this year two universities from Bangladesh have also made their place in the QS World Rankings list. The universities which have attracted the most number of international students were primarily located in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Malaysia. In fact the University of Hong Kong has 43% of international students out of the total students that are currently there. The cost of education in Asian countries is very low as compared to that of North American universities. The cost of accommodation is also very feasible and all the Asian countries have a very dynamic culture. You will get to eat a lot of cuisine. You will get to experience so many festivals while living in Asia.

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