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A guide to trade schools and vocational programs

posted on: May 07, 2022

Vocational programs are offered by community colleges and some are sponsored by for-profit companies or private nonprofit organizations. Vocational programs are less expensive than the other bachelor's or honors degrees. From a vocational degree you can pursue the following professions-

Air traffic controller: $130,420

  • Aerospace technologist or technician: $68,570
  • Court reporter or simultaneous captioner: $61,660
  • Electronics installer and repairer: $62,020
  • Fire inspector: $62,120
  • Nuclear technician: $84,190
  • Occupational therapy assistant: $60,950
  • Theatrical and performance makeup artist: $106,920

A trade school is a specific institution of a vocation, i.e. trading,  that skills the students in that subject matter.


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