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A top Indian Institute is better than the famous foreign universities

posted on: December 02, 2022

There are a lot of famous educational institutes in India. Even if a student is able to get into some of the top universities and colleges of India, they still choose to study abroad and foreign universities even if they are not top brand. But the question is, or foreign universities really worth the investment in time? And if one gets the opportunity to study in the top universities of India, should they enroll in one of them?

If you look at it through the cost perspective then studying in India is very budget friendly. Whereas studying technological or a management degree in the United States of America or the UK can cost you tons of money. This is not something that everyone can afford. The living and food expenses are yet to be added and they made the total amount larger.

When it comes to curriculum, it is the same across the majority of the countries. The difference is the approach towards teaching. In India most of the education is theoretical whereas in countries like the US and UK, more importance is given to the practical tangent of the degree. This is why foreign education is preferred by Indian students as it is a new outlook towards a traditional criteria of education.

But now Indian institutes have shown a significant improvement and are giving more attention towards learning by doing methods. Chances are high that in some years the level of Indian education will equal the level of foreign education and Indian students will no longer have to go to foreign countries.


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