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Are University rankings really trustworthy?

posted on: November 17, 2022

For a very long period of time University rankings have served as the major deciding criteria for students while selecting their university. It is recently that a lot of people started critically analyzing the authenticity and accountability of these rankings which lead to some controversies. 

These rankings have been accused of being biased towards North American institutions and sidelining Asian educational institutions. They were called out for their lack of inclusivity and meticulous research. Since then a lot of big names such as Harvard and Yale have decided to not become a part of these rankings. 

Countries like China are also known for not becoming a part of these rankings right areas despite having so many popular universities. 

But the thing is not everyone has the luxury to visit all the university campuses that they are considering to get into. There's only so much you can find on the internet that is enough to please and convince you. In the end these rankings serve as an absolute judgment kit in helping students come up with a final decision. we would just like to say that it's not advisable to be totally dependent on these rankings and abide as they tell you.

You must have your fair share of research by yourself and then take these rankings into consideration. Also it is important to remember to look at a lot of rankings, not just one because generally these rankings favor their country of origin.

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