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Are unpaid internships worth it?

posted on: September 27, 2022

The vitality of doing an internship during your bachelor's and master's is unquestionable. Doing an internship during your college duration gives you an insight into the professional and capitalist world. It teaches you millennial behavior. Employers generally prefer students who have previously worked in some professional domain. Additionally doing an internship also provides you with financial support as you start earning through an internship. But not every student is available to enjoy this added perk of an extra income through internships. A lot of internships that students pursue during their college tenure are unpaid. But just for the sake of experience students are advised to pursue internships that are unpaid. The question is whether these internships are really worth your time. Well, this totally depends on your field. A lot of times pursuing an internship that is unpaid can also bring a lot of benefits for your own skill development. Students get to learn a lot of new skills during their work period which helps them further. Whereas in some internships, working for free can be very draining and exhaustive. Make your own decision by being smart enough to understand what is chasing at the moment.

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