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Australia to put back limits on the number of hours international students can work part-time

posted on: October 06, 2022

After offline education resumed in Australia, a new set of rules was introduced to attract a lot of students from around the globe to study at Australian universities. This was done to compensate for the loss that the Australian economy had to endure during the two years of the pandemic. Thus Australia allowed international students to work for as many hours as they wanted by uplifting part-time work-related restrictions. But later on, it was proposed that this policy will lead to the degradation of the quality of education in Australia. As students will be allowed to work for as many as they want to, they will be able to concentrate less on their studies. This will further affect their study performance which will lead to a decline in Australia’s image as a quality caterer of international education. Now the federal government of Australia has finally addressed this problem. From July 2023 onwards students will no longer be allowed to work for an unlimited number of hours. Restrictions will be implemented again and the number of hours they can work will be decided by the government. The Australian government strives to maintain a perfect balance between work and studies for the students so that none of them is compromised.

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