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Best job for newly graduated students

posted on: October 17, 2022

Most students want to start earning as soon as they graduate from college. If you ask the main motive behind studying in expensive universities, the majority of students will say income. For students like those who are income-driven, pursuing courses that are more likely to get them placed soon after the degree is important. Here are some of the jobs that employ fresh graduates and also pay them a good amount of money.

  • Sales Representative -Median Salary: $62,070
  • Plumber- Median Salary-US$56,330
  • Bus driver-Median Salary-US$45,900
  • Maid and housekeeper- Median Salary-US$26,200
  • Choreographer- Median Salary-US$43,680
  • Waiters- Median Salary-US$23,740
  • Pharmacy technician- Median Salary-US$35,100
  • Repair work- Median Salary-US$40,850
  • Flight attendant- Median Salary-US$59,050
  • Community health workers- Median Salary-US$42,000

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