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Best search engines for students to find information

posted on: July 30, 2022

Being a student it's needless to say that you Google about different sorts of stuff at least 50 times a day. Sometimes to find out about different concepts or understand new words and sometimes for your assignments. It is very important that the source is reliable otherwise it can cause a huge problem. Here are the search engines that you can use to generate information-


This is one of the largest networks of online library-related content and services.

  • Semantic Scholar

This search engine is powered by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is very efficient for data transmission.

  • Ecosia

This search engine runs on social principles. It deals with things mostly related to environmental issues and the revenue generated is used to plant trees and for cleanup drives.

  • Open Knowledge Maps

This browser works on visual-based learning instead of monotonous lines and information. It gives you a customized map that includes the 100 most relevant documents related to the topic of your search.

  • COnnecting REpositories (CORE)

It is a non-profit service with over 200 million articles from 11000 sources.

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