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Best universities for women to pursue engineering

posted on: November 18, 2022

As we know, STEM courses have become excessively popular among today's generation. Almost everyone is trying to get into either technology or healthcare. Women are also participating in this trend with full zeal. As a woman who wants to have an accomplished career it is very important to get yourself into an education which fosters and celebrates your potential. Here are some universities that offer they needed support to all the female students who want to pursue engineering-

  • University of Greenwich

This University's school of engineering focuses on the development of all its female students and their empowerment. They offer a lot of out-of-the-box experiences such as field trips, frequent research sessions and learning by doing methods. This university offers exemplary student well-being and Academic help to all its students.

  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David

This university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in engineering. It maintains a perfect balance between analytical skills and hands-on knowledge so that students get the best of both worlds. All the female students here are extremely satisfied and even the alumni network which consists of female students vouch for the quality of education that is offered here.

  • University of Dundee

This university is ranked 22 out of the 140 educational institutes present in the UK. It is a Scottish University which offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to international students.

  • Newcastle University

This university offers very futuristic programs that combine the knowledge of today along with the needs of tomorrow to prepare engineers that can sustain in challenging situations that the future has for them.

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