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Best universities in Denmark

posted on: June 21, 2022

Denmark has a world class education and studying there brings many perks along with itself. Also the working hours and the work system here is better than most of the countries of the world. That is the very reason why people are so happy here. Today we will talk about 3 universities in Denmark you must consider if you plan to study in Denmark.

  • University of Copenhagen

This is a 500 year old university and has six faculties -Faculty of Law, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Theology, and Faculty of Social Sciences with 100 departments.

  • Aarhus University

This is the largest university of Denmark and was established in 1928. It offers studies in five fields including Technical Sciences, Health and Business, Arts, and Natural Sciences.

  • Technical University of Denmark

This was founded in 1829 and there are a number of departments offering courses in Chemistry, Technology Entrepreneurship, Physics, Photonics Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

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