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Canada to make PR system easier

posted on: October 10, 2022

Immigration Minister of Canada Sean Fraser has announced a five-pillar plan which will make it easier for international students in Canada to get a PR. The plan will include an express entry which will allow IRCTC to invite candidates to the country as per the economic requirement of the country. The plan includes a strategy to convert temporary immigrant workers into permanent residents in order to curb the demand for laborers. Most of students like to stay back in Canada after the completion of their education. Under the post-graduation work permit rules, they are allowed to stay back for a fixed period of time. After this time is over they are constantly under the threat of being thrown out of the country. This plan has been made for their welfare so that no international student has to face such difficulty. Canada on its part has been facing a labor shortage and an all-time low unemployment rate. The Canadian government is in desperate need of human resources and this plan will certainly work to their benefit.

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