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Cheap cities in Australia for international students to study

posted on: September 27, 2022

Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world for education. The average cost of studying here can be more than that of the United States of America and the UK. But one must also consider the fact that it is the IT hub of the world and hence the land of many opportunities. By careful research and selection of, you can study in Australia on a budget without compromising on the quality of education that you attain. The first step towards this is the selection of the right city for yourself. Here are some cities in Australia that will save up a lot of your money as they are very inexpensive.

  • Canberra

This is the capital city of Australia and a very livable as well as the affordable city. The cost of living in this city will depend on the lifestyle that you want to accept. You can get accommodation for A$160 per week for a room in a shared house to A$400 to A$500 per week for a home with two to three bedrooms.

  • Brisbane

This city in Australia is known for its warm behavior towards job seekers as it has a lot of opportunities for everyone. The average expenses for a student vary from A$556 to A$1,120 per month depending upon how much you spend.

  • Gold Coast

It is the largest non-capital city in Australia and is located an hour down south of Brisbane. Weekly costs — inclusive of rent, food, utilities, and transport — total A$350 to A$700.

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