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Cheap universities in Ireland for international students

posted on: September 26, 2022

Ireland is a promising destination when it comes to studying abroad. A lot of universities in Ireland are leading institutes in the field of research and development. The Irish government over the years has made a lot of improvements in the education sector of the country. This has strengthened the study sector here due to which Ireland is one of the top choices for a lot of students who want to study in international universities. Here is a list of universities in Ireland which are cheap but at the same time offer quality education.

  • Dublin Business School
  • Griffith College Dublin
  • National College of Ireland (NCI)
  • Letterkenny Institute of Technology 
  • Maynooth University
  • University College Cork
  • Dundalk Institute of Technology
  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University of Limerick

Public universities in Ireland will cost you around 14,000 - 21,000 euros a year. Private colleges will cost you 12,000 -14,000 euros annually.

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