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Cheapest countries to pursue your PhD in

posted on: June 21, 2022

There are many countries in the world which have the highest earning rates and minimum unemployment rate for students who have high education degrees like masters and doctorate. But the cost of pursuing this education is also a lot for students. Fortunately there are many countries that offer almost free doctorate programs or take minimum fees for the same. These countries are-

  • Sweden

Pursuing PhD is free for all except for non-EU/EEA students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s programmes.

  • Finland

Studying in Finland is also free for students. University of Helsinki and Aalto University, which are ranked 106th and 116th respectively, are a good option for students.

  • Germany

Germany is already a very renowned country  for teaching international students for free in their universities.

  • France

France is a good option if you want to study abroad at low cost.


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