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Cheapest university is in Asia if you want to pursue social science

posted on: November 02, 2022

Social science has become a very popular discipline among students. It is no longer the conventional social science subject that was taught in schools and universities a couple of years ago. Now it has all the connections with climate change, effects of technology and sustainable development. Students who have completed their social science degree are in great demand , especially in the field of environment and sustainability. Some universities in Asia that offer programs in social science at the cheapest tuition fees are-

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong

This University has a Faculty of Social Science which offers a variety of diverse programmes in the discipline of social science. There are 19 programmes in total in the field of social sciences that aspiring social scientists can choose from. It offers a lot of scholarships to international students as well.

  • Kyoto University

This university offers a program that takes you on a very holistic journey where you explore Human Sciences, Cognitive and Information Sciences, Multidisciplinary Studies of Civilisations, Cultural Environment Studies, and Natural Sciences in your social sciences degree. The degree is for four years and professors will play a major role in your whole journey to become a social scientist.

  • University Malaya

This university was ranked 58 in the QSs subject ranking for social sciences. It is currently the largest university of Malaysia and was established in 1959. A degree in social science in the University of Malaya covers Anthropology and Sociology, Chinese Studies , English, Indian Studies, International and Strategic Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, Geography, Media Studies, and Social Administration.

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