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Cheapest university is in Switzerland for international

posted on: October 18, 2022

Switzerland which is also called Paradise on Earth is known for its innovation around the world. It has been home to prestigious universities that have been consistently ranked high. The healthcare system of Switzerland is known around the world. This is where there has been an annual increase in the number of international students enrolling in Swiss universities. Although very prestigious, living in Switzerland can be extremely expensive. The education, as well as accommodation cost here, is quite high. This is why we have bought for You some cheaper alternative options that can help you save up some money from your tuition fees. Here are the cheapest universities in Switzerland-

  • University of Geneva

This is a public research university located in the city of Geneva popular in the history books. It was founded in 1559 and has since been listed in the top hundred universities of the world. You have the liberty to choose from the 500 programs that this university offers. As for your tuition fees, you will have to pay Fr.500 per semester. An undergraduate degree has six semesters whereas a postgraduate degree has four semesters.

  • University of Lausanne

This university is situated on the shore of lake Geneva and is the second oldest university in Switzerland. It has seven faculties including the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration, Faculty of Arts — School of French as a Foreign Language, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Biology and Medicine and Faculty of Geosciences and Environment. As your tuition fee, you will be expected to play around Fr.580 per semester.

  • ETH Zurich

This university has two campuses. The ETH Zurich Zentrum campus is a reflection of the traditional country roots and whereas the ETH Zurich Hönggerberg is more modern and in sync with the world. You can expect to pay around seven Fr.24 per semester at this university.

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