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Chinese students going to Canada after being rejected from the USA

posted on: March 13, 2023

For a very long period of time Chinese students were the largest contributor of international students to the USA. China has been sending its students to pursue research and other degrees in the USA. But things have changed on a global and political level in the past couple of years. After the pandemic, Chinese students have not been getting visas from other countries that easily. Many Chinese students are being rejected for a US student visa.

Due to this reason it has been found that Chinese students are now opting to go to Canada to pursue their higher education. It is easier to get a student visa from Canada, then from the USA. This is the reason why India has overtaken China and has become the largest contributor of international students in the global market. After almost 3 years of restriction, China has finally opened its borders and has started sending its own students abroad as well as welcoming international students.

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