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Colleges and universities which require the highest SAT scores

posted on: October 31, 2022

Recently it was announced that universities will no longer require a city or a city score in order to get an admission. Yet a lot of universities still take SATs and ACTs into consideration while selecting students. This is why it is still recommended that you appear for these tests even though on paper they may not seem compulsory. Here are the universities and colleges which require the highest SAT scores in order to be selected.

  • Colby College-1465
  • Georgetown University 1465
  • Hamilton College-1465
  • University of Southern California -1465
  • Vassar college- 1465
  • Boston College -1465
  • Amari College- 1473
  • Carleton College 1475
  • Barnard College 1478
  • Amherst college -1480

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