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Common mistakes that freshman students make in universities

posted on: September 30, 2022

When you are new and naive it's very obvious to make mistakes. Making mistakes is essentially not a wrong thing to do because that's how you learn. But sometimes these mistakes are so lethal and deterremental that they leave their impact for a very long period of time. Freshman students in university make a lot of common mistakes that can be avoided if they know certain things initially. Here are some of these mistakes that you can avoid-

  • Many students miss out on university orientation as it is conducted a few days before the session is officially started. This is a very big mistake because it is during orientation that you learn a lot of things about how the curriculum would function throughout the year and what things you have to take care of as a student.
  • Make sure that you get your course registration done as soon as you arrive on campus. Procrastination is very harmful because college is a very competitive environment and you will be left out of a lot of opportunities if you don't take action quickly.
  • Buy books for your course from your official bookstore of university only because that's where you will get the most amount of discount.
  • Don't just limit your network and friend circle to your batch. Try to come in contact with students of all courses and different years.

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