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Countries offering cheapest MBA courses

posted on: October 13, 2022

A Master's of business administration is a very expensive degree. As much as it has become famous among all sectors now, the cost of pursuing this degree has also increased exponentially. Although it is only two years long, it costs more than a conventional four year degree. This is why students have to take huge loans in order to pursue MBA. Generally, students are advised to work for some time before pursuing their MBA in order to save some money and gain some experience. But if you are someone who doesn't want to wait and wants to pursue your MBA immediately then we have some options for you. This is a list of countries offering the cheapest MBA courses that one can find.

  • Germany

Although it depends upon the institution that you are studying in, the average cost of pursuing an MBA degree in Germany can cost you around 3,400 euros (US$3,860) to 44,000 euros (US$49,990) per year. Germany has some kind of master's degrees which are consecutive and non-consecutive. Consecutive courses are offered for free which is why they are very popular. Non-consecutive causes on the other hand are specialized which is why you have to pay tuition fees for them. 

  • Malaysia

Tuition fees for pursuing an MBA degree in Malaysia range between RM20,000 (USD$4264.00) to RM31,000 (USD$6609.20) in public universities. In private universities, you can expect to pay around RM30,000 (USD$6396) up to RM265,000 (USD$56498). Malaysia also has international collaborations with a lot of universities from the US and UK. This is why it has a lot of extended campuses of international universities in its cities.

  • France

France was the first country in the whole of Europe to start offering an MBA program. In order to study in France, you need to have a certain proficiency in French. The programs here are only partially taught in English so one must know how to communicate in French. French universities are well funded by the government, which is why the tuition fees here are low.

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