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Countries that easily offer post study work permits

posted on: October 08, 2022

Most of the students want to stay back in the country after they have completed their education. This is because the major reason behind investing so much money in their education is to be able to work in that particular country and improve one's standard of living. Some countries have very tough post-study work visa permit rules whereas some countries are very lenient regarding the same. Here is a list of countries that offer post-study work visas easily-

  • Switzerland

Switzerland school of opportunities in both IT as well as tourism sectors. If you're somebody who is interested in the culinary industry then this is the right place for you. Switzerland offers work permits very easily as it has a shortage of labor.

  • Singapore

Singapore is a strong economy dominating the Asian continent even though it is geographically very small in size. The government of Singapore is very gracious with its residents so immigrants can enjoy the benefits of great career opportunities, low tax rates, cheap and reliable public transport, and generous financial packages. The visa norms here are also not very tough.

  • Australia

Australia has maintained its position among the top choices of international students for study abroad. Recently Australia has also amended its own laws related to international students and immigration for attracting more and more students.

  • Canada

Canada has recently been in the news for extending the number of hours students can work part-time. This year Canada has issued a record-breaking number of student visas. This data in itself is proof that studying and working in Canada is not a very tough process.

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