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Digital registration for SATs open

posted on: October 21, 2022

A new way of registering for the SATs has been started by an American nonprofit organization. This registration will be done in digital form. This decision was announced by the medical nonprofit organization back in January 2022. This was done with the purpose of increasing the relevancy of exams along with increasing the ease factor for both students and teachers. Students also have access to new Digital sources from the college board that they can use for the preparation of exams. The whole digital study kit has an enhanced set of free student- and educator-friendly study tools and practice exams. This new change is most likely to be implemented in 2023 internationally. In the USA it will go on floors by 2024. The exam will be no longer three hours long and will now have a duration of two hours. The college board had previously assessed the success of this new pattern by conducting SAT exams with a new pattern on a smaller group of students. Students and teachers gave positive feedback for their new digital variant. In fact, the students who had given the off-line SAT exam reported that the digital one was better. SATs Aryan are important criteria for getting admission into a lot of universities. But these exams are not that easily available to appear for in a lot of countries. The digital step has been taken to ensure the equality of opportunity and accessibility.

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