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Do college rankings really matter?

posted on: September 21, 2022

Around 40 to 50 years ago this whole concept of ranking universities on the basis of certain fixed parameters was introduced. But all these years, rankings have been subjected to a lot of scrutiny and criticism. They have been accused of being biased toward certain universities and of being a fixture in rankings for many years. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the underlying importance of rankings has not been reduced by an inch. Even now while selecting a university or college, the first thing a student checks is the national and international ranking of the university. Selecting a college is a daunting process, especially in today's world where there are a plethora of options and getting confused becomes imperative. If not for these rankings, it will become really difficult for students to know which are the top universities in the world. These rankings might not be hundred percent accurate but at least they're somewhat relevant to a lot of extents. It won't be within our human capabilities to research all the universities and select the best one for us. Rankings might be full of flaws but still, they make our work a lot easier than it would have been without them.

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