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Easy degrees for international students who want do not want a lot of academic pressure

posted on: March 15, 2023

An international student has to face the dual pressure of working and studying. A lot of times the difference of curriculum can increase the pressure even more. This is one of the reasons why a lot of students choose to study a degree which does not require rigourous studying and consists of a lot of assignments. Here are some of the degrees that do not overburden international students. 

  1. Fashion design

Fashion designing is a very creative and innovative field. It doesn't require you to study all day long and is actually more skill-based. You can work and study for less hours and still accomplish a lot of things in this field.

  1. Computer science

If you are someone who has their way with codes and technology, then this is the best degree for you. Computer science me just does not have to study extensively for hours. They spend most of their time writing courses. If you're fascinated by coding and other machine languages then this is the right degree for you.

  1. Business administration

Business administration is a versatile degree and like Marketing or finance. It focuses on the overall working of a business and is less stressful as compared to other business degrees.

  1. Architecture

Architecture is yet another degree which is based on your practical skills rather than rote learning. If you are interested in design and at the same time want to build buildings than this is the right feel for you. Also architecture get paid a lot of money. 

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