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Education department has decided to take moves to fix student loan repayment

posted on: May 10, 2022

The Education Department has announced that there will be a change in the process of federal student loan repayment programs to correct the wrong practices done by its loan servicers. Investigations have found that the borrowers were forced into forbearance and their process of repayment of loans were manipulated. The monthly track records were distributed which delayed the total time of repayment. Now the changes will lead to immediate debt cancellation of 40000 borrowers enrolled in Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and also it is meant to help 3.6 million borrowers in recouping at least three years worth of credit.  Also under the income-driven repayment loans, where the borrower is supposed to give 10-20% of their income monthly in loan repayment, forgiveness will be given after 20 years of repayment no matter how much is left.


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