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Everything that the pandemic has taught to the world education

posted on: June 17, 2022

COVID-19 was a very unpredicted phenomenon that grabbed the whole world under its grip for almost two years. Even though we are towards the end of it, it's impact and influence will remain immortal and everlasting in this us and even the coming generations. At the height of the pandemic, 1.6 Billion students from across the globe were at home. Many campaigns and efforts were carried out by the national governments to compensate for the loss of education but nothing can make up for it. It is to be noted that the online mode of education wasn't that ineffective in some areas. In Fact in Botswana many students benefited from the online tutorials and classes. This shows that customized education plans along with personal attention can be very useful in online education. In Fact it incurs better results than usual forms of education.

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