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Free courses available on Udemy that any student can pursue

posted on: November 04, 2022

There are websites online that offer free courses to students. Udemy is one such platform that has been providing free courses to students that increase their skill sets. This platform has both paid and unpaid courses that students can enroll in. Some of the free courses that you can enroll yourself in on this website -

  • Course on time management

Procrastination is one disease that all of us are suffering from in solidarity. For some reason disciplined has totally become extinct from her lifestyles. This course on time management is extremely helpful specially to college and university students that need effective time management.

  • A course on coding in JavaScript

Through this course you will get to learn how to code your first first. This will give you an introduction to game development and coding where you will learn the fundamentals of this world. Although this is not a very specialised and hi-fi course, still you will get to learn a lot specially if you are a beginner.

  • Photography course

Photography is a very fun activity. But now this activity has become very commercial as social media has expanded its horizons. The moment you open your social media account, you see so many photographs circulating all around. These photographs are taken by professional photographers who undergo professional training. This introductory photography course will teach you the basics of professional photography.

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