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How Covid 19 became a global learning crisis?

posted on: April 04, 2022

It is an acknowledged fact that covid 19 had a multi-faceted impact on the globe. Not only did people go through a health crisis, but they also lost their jobs, went through financial strains and so much more. The effect of a pandemic on education was huge and so penetrative that there has been a permanent shift in the education system that will remain for years. To compensate for the loss of actually being in classrooms and studying, a virtual model of teaching was introduced. But everything wasn’t as proper as it seems like. Because of the pandemic schools across the globe were closed for roughly two years. All the people including teaching and other staff didn’t receive their salaries or received a part of it for the longest time. Although virtual classes were introduced, students who didn’t have internet access or didn’t have mobile phones could not attend the classes and thus missed out on them. Countries that didn’t have a strong strategy to combat the pandemic failed profoundly in providing satisfactory education to their students. The recovery will take some years and countries are helping each other in bridging the gap.

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