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How making friends in preschool plays an important role?

posted on: June 16, 2022

Pre-school is the first step towards shaping your social behaviour. It is through pre-school that you learn how to behave civically and amiably with other people. Research has found that children who get along with other children in pre+school are less likely to face mental health issues further in life. But due to the Pandemic there has been a worldwide delay in the operation of offline modes of education. This is hampering the social learning of students and the most affected remains the youngest group. Psychologically it's proven that through learning and playing together we learn the essential values of life such as cooperation, sharing, emotional management and turn taking. Chanting nursery rhymes together increases the sense of solidarity among children. So parents must understand that educational institutes and settings are not just only for giving education but also have a deeper impact on the life of a child. Through homeschooling a child might get better education but not social understanding.

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