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How much money do you need weekly as an international student studying in London?

posted on: August 02, 2022

London is one of the most expensive countries in the world in terms of stay as well as education. Studying here can really burn your pocket. So if London is one the top of your list for study abroad destinations then here's how much it will cost you weekly. The total cost will include accommodation, utility bills, food, public transport fees, and groceries majorly. For your stay in London, you will need around 360 British pounds a week which is around 1500 British pounds monthly. Remember that this is an average amount and gets high or low as per the individual. Now coming to the breakdown of this whole amount, if you choose university halls then it may cost you somewhere around £209 per week whereas private accommodation can go up to £539 per week. Public transport in London is cheaper for students through the  18+ Student Oyster card. Per week you may spend around £11. Leisure activities like movies and clubbing may cost around £60 a week. Considering three meals a day your eating cost can be on average around £40 though it may be totally subjective as quality and quantity are huge determinants here. Groceries per week may retail at around £23. Summing all this up we get £343 as a weekly expense of living in London but one must remember it is an average calculated cost and nothing set in stone.

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