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How to extend your student visa in the USA

posted on: January 18, 2023

Most of the students are granted an F1 visa while studying in the United States of America. But a lot of times students need to get their visa extended for a variety of reasons. This can happen in a variety of situations such as medical problems due to which a student is not able to complete their program on time.

For your F-1 student visa, you are generally given a time period of 60 days after your Visa has expired known as the grace time to prepare to depart from the USA.

In order to get your visa extended, it is very important to take this step timely. Make sure that you apply for a visa extension before the expiring date of your current visa. This will improve your chances of getting approved for a visa extension. Also, if you have a health concern, then chances are high that you will get your visa extension approved. Make sure that you have all the required credentials.

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